Soiltech Wireless Soil Sensor
Soiltech Wireless Soil Sensor

Soiltech Wireless Soil Sensor

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See why farmers in your area are saving thousands with this new technology!
1. Plant soil tech with your crops
2. Monitor the accurate data collected
3. Make informed decisions
4. Save time and money

SoilTech Numbers

Crop quality and yield depend on precise field & post-harvest management

The Soiltech sensor reduces time-consuming, technical setup

while providing actionable insights for growers.
Equipment +
Load Tracking



Data is critical to making decisions. The
Soiltech Wireless sensor is a tool that can
be used to guide these decisions.

• Arrives pre-calibrated, with a full battery charge and
assigned to user account
• Just plant with crop at beginning of season
• The sensor automatically transmits data to the cloud
• Remotely monitor status of all fields and make irrigation

• View both real-time data and historical data in the user-
friendly Soiltech Wireless app