DA 7350 In-Line NIR Analyzer

DA 7350 In-Line NIR Analyzer

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Optimize your process with real-time NIR measurements.

Many food and agricultural processing operations have the potential to
improve several aspects of their operations through accurate, timely knowledge of
their production processes, and product characteristics. While manual sampling
and analysis is useful, it takes time and only provides a snapshot at that instance.
The DA 7350 In-line NIR sensor provides continuous, simultaneous measurement
of parameters such as moisture, protein, fat/oil, ash and much more. This real-time
measurement enables automated process control and helps companies worldwide
optimize processing, reduce scrap and re-work while improving product consistency and quality.

Feature and Benefits
• Real-time measurements
• Industry 4.0 Ready
• Integrated camera
• Rugged design to suit production environments
• Easy integration through standard industry communication interfaces