Laboratory Mill 3100

Laboratory Mill 3100

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Falling Number Accessory

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Approved for preparation of grain for Falling Number analysis.  The LM 3100 is a hammer type cyclone mill built into a soundproof built into a soundproof casing.  The fine homogenous sample is separated from air in a cyclone and collected in a quick release stainless steel container.  The mill can also be used for pellets, feeds and forages and for Glutomatic/Gluten Index and NIR analysis.

LM 3100 Accessories:

  • Plastic Baton (310430)
  • Brush (311440)
  • Brush for Cyclone (310440)
  • Plastic Funnel (310260)
  • Cyclone, Complete (310500)
  • Cyclone, Upper Part (310501)
  • Collection Container (310502)